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Entering the world of Non-Profit

Time Technology is delivering a win-win scenario by launching its Salesforce services and solutions into the Non-Profit sector.

Time Technology has been increasingly working with Non-Profits over the past 12 months. Recently we decided to officially launch to this sector with our Salesforce services, aligning an internal team accordingly. We will be making further announcements over the next few months to this effect.  

The rationale for getting involved is very clear for us. As members of the Pledge 1% organisation, we are committed to donating 1% of our time to Non-Profit organisations. We have been meeting this pledge by providing some of our work free of charge and operating at a lower daily charge for the rest of the project. We consider this to be a win-win arrangement.  

  • The customer benefits from a highly affordable engagement with an experienced consulting partner. Together with the free or much-reduced license fees offered by Salesforce, this enables these non-profit organisations to implement quality solutions at a much lower overall cost.  

  • We get to fulfil our obligations to the Pledge 1% organisation, which is really important to the owners and all the team at Time Technology. 

  • We also get the opportunity to implement our solutions in-line with our quality methodology. Some customers are reluctant to spend on some of the elements that we consider to be extremely important in ensuring we deliver a great solution. By giving these services away for free to Non-Profits we typically receive no push back. This makes us very happy.  

  • Of course, we believe that the ability to execute fully on our quality methodology ultimately results in a better solution that delivers real benefits for the customer.  

So, really, working in the Non-Profit sector is a win-win-win-win! 

We look forward to working much more with the Non-Profit sector in the years to come.  

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