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Working with Time Technology

Time Technology is a trusted and certified Salesforce Consulting Partner and Registered Non-Profit Partner. With a specific focus on building solutions for charities and non-profits on the Salesforce platform, we will work with you to meet your organisation’s specific needs and exceed your expectations. With an extensive track record of building successful solutions since the mid-1990's, we have the skills to deliver and the commitment to be there for you throughout your project and beyond. consulting partner badge

We are part of your team

We understand how stretched those in the third sector can be, from time to precious income. We will tailor a solution that works for you and is cost-effective. Whether you have been using Salesforce for years and just need an independent review or support in transitioning to Lightning or are just starting on your journey and are looking for long-term support, we can help. 

We will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your unique organisation, your team, your culture, your vision and values and inhouse skills. We will ask questions, understand your current pain points and issues and provide ideas and suggestions to overcome these.

Our solutions will allow you to scale your charity and tools within your needs, your timelines and your budget. We are a small and flexible team, so from the very beginning of your project, you will be supported by our friendly team of experts with both technology and sector knowledge. We promote empowerment and knowledge sharing with your team to ensure you get the greatest impact from your investment in both the short and long term.

We take Quality Management very seriously

We believe every charity, regardless of resource, should have access to the best services and technologies available to make them better and help them grow. Regardless of your size or income, we will provide you the best in the market. Time Technology has built up robust analysis, development, testing and project management processes that enable us to consistently deliver to, or exceed, customer needs and expectations. These processes are essential to building high-quality solutions to an agreed timeline and budget.

We are in it for the long-term

Building long-term relationships with our customers is critical and we are very proud that some of our customers have been working with us for over 20 years. A key part of this is our Service Desk function, which has been delivering proactive and reactive issue/request management to our customers for many years. The Service Desk enables us to maintain regular contact with our customers, ensuring that we are picking up on any issues that might be symptomatic of underlying problems, often indicating business change has occurred. We then work with our customers to ensure their system is meeting current business needs and understand what further development may be required, from a simple update to a relaunch of an upgraded solution.

To discover more about working with Time Technology, please get in touch by visiting our contact us page. You can also keep up-to-date on information about Salesforce and our other services by visiting our latest news page.

Achieve positive outcomes

Exceed customer expectations

Build long term relationships