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A message from our Leadership Team

Peter and Richard share their thoughts on racial equality and re-emphasise Time Technology's position on equality and fairness.

When, as a couple of 50ish year old white guys, we sat down to try and write some words around how racial equality matters to us and our organisation, we realised that there really are no words that can do justice. How can we possibly know what it is like to be of colour in a predominantly white society like the UK or the USA. We truly have no idea. So, all we can do is reinforce what we believe in, ensure that our team aligns with us, and work harder at being part of the solution.

So, with that being said, we want to be clear to our customers, partners and employees, that Time Technology will not stand for inequality on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or background. We are not interested in working with anyone who, at a bare minimum, does not also stand for equality and fairness.

Salesforce have made their position very clear on this subject and as a passionate Salesforce partner we 100% back their messages of support and actions for change. In that spirit we have included a number of their recent tweets for anyone that is interested in them:


  • We’re blacking out our handle to stand with the Black community against racial injustice and violence on #BlackOutTuesday. In honor of this, we’re turning to our Black Employee Resource Group to lead by hosting and tweeting this urgent conversation. Follow @BOLDforce for updates.
  • Injustice & violence against Black people in America has caused unspeakable pain & underscored the hard realities of systemic racism. Join us on #LeadingThroughChange as we come together to take action against racial injustice.
  • Leading Through Change: Injustice and Race. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, ongoing injustices and violence against Black people in America have caused unspeakable pain. This moment underscores the hard realities of systemic racism, which must be confronted. Join Salesforce for a conversation about how we can take action against racial injustice.
  • Salesforce has announced its Racial Equality and Justice task force that will take action to drive racial equality in the workplace and our communities through People, Philanthropy, Purchasing, and Policy.
  • Join us and take action by following the strong example set by Salesforce’s BOLDforce (Black Employee Network) president Monica Bowie in her blog post, 8 Ways to Stand in Support of the Black Community.


Finally, here is a link to Time Technology’s code of ethics and business conduct which make clear reference to our position on inequality and unfairness. The words feel very shallow on a word document, so we can only really demonstrate credibility and integrity around these subjects through our deeds and actions, for it is in those that we will be judged.



Peter and Richard

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