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Time Technology is proud to partner with FinDock, the payment management solution that adds payments to Salesforce. With a robust payments architecture and user-centred tools, FinDock enables organisations to capture, process, and reconcile payments directly in Salesforce.

FinDock extends the capabilities of the Nonprofit Cloud to help nonprofit organisations increase donations and drive impact. With support for multiple payment methods and currencies and powerful reconciliation features, FinDock makes it easy for nonprofits to collect donations through various payment service providers and accurately record them in Salesforce. Real-time reporting ensures that nonprofits can access up-to-date and accurate financial information, helping them make informed decisions and focus on their mission.

FinDock’s powerful payment management solution helps businesses and organisations adapt to the changing payment landscape. By streamlining payment processes and providing a unified view of all payment data – whether online or offline, FinDock empowers data-driven decision-making, improved operational efficiencies, and more meaningful user journeys and experiences. With FinDock, you can achieve better visibility and control over your payment data, enabling you to remain agile and responsive to your customers’ needs.