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Wealth Management

Time Technology provide solutions and specialist Salesforce consulting services to the Wealth Management sector to ensure that Financial and Investment Advisors maximise their investment in the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce solutions, based on Financial Services Cloud or built on the Lightning Platform can bring considerable benefit to Wealth Management businesses if implemented with appropriate discipline and understanding. With the flexibility that is inherent to the Salesforce platform, finding a Salesforce partner that understands your business, as well as the technology is critical to ensuring a successful implementation. 

Time Technology has a ‘wealth’ of experience in this sector with members of our team having worked for, or consulted to, advisors and industry associations for more than 20 years. With this experience in the sector and over 20 years of delivering technology solutions, our methodology focuses on achieving measurable business benefit in return for the investment that our customers are making in the Salesforce Platform.  

Our Service

While Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is the gold standard and our normal starting point, one size does not necessarily fit all. For medium to large Wealth Managers we typically find that FSC does makes most sense. However, for some smaller advisors, whose requirements may be more bespoke, but who still want to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform, a simpler or more customisable solution can be a better fit. In either case, fully understanding your business is critical to delivering and supporting a solution that bring real value.

At Time Technology we work hard to be a true partner to our customers and remain invested in the process to ensure that our solutions deliver real business benefit and meet or exceeds all our customers’ expectations.

Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce originally developed Financial Services Cloud specifically for Wealth Management businesses. They built it to tackle the key challenges associated with managing the highly personal, and sometimes complex, relationships that Wealth Managers have with their clients.

Now a number of years on, Financial Services Cloud has become one of the leading solutions for the industry. It is rich with functionality that assists advisors in providing the very best services to their clients while maximizing their efficiency.

  • Manage households and associated members and their professional and personal relationships.
  • View and report on financial balances at individual and household level.
  • Automate creation and assigning of activities using Action Plans.
  • Track and manage business pipeline with Lead, opportunity and Referral management.
  • Integrate with popular Portfolio Management systems to streamlined financial management.
  • Sophisticated reports and dashboards using Einstein AI with to support critical business processes.

Time Technology Salesforce platform Accelerator

For cases where Financial Services Cloud is not a good fit, Time Technology has developed a Wealth Management Accelerator that runs on the Salesforce Lightning Platform and provides the key functionality that advisors need to service their clients. This Accelerator was developed in response to some customers requiring a lower price point, less extensive functionality, but who still wanted to be on the Salesforce Platform.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Wealth Management Service

Transformative business solution

Designed to adapt to change

Adherence to Salesforce best practice