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Salesforce Services

Configuring and customising Salesforce Clouds, building bespoke solutions or migrating legacy platforms; our considerable business and Salesforce experience enables us to deliver solutions that fully support business processes and leverage the Salesforce platform (SFDC).

Cloud Consultancy

Anyone that has worked with Salesforce before will know that there are many ways to achieve the end result they are looking for, but there are right ways and wrong ways. The Salesforce Clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing, Community, etc.) are highly configurable and customisable using features like page layouts, custom objects, lists, process automation, reporting & dashboards. Additionally, you can further customise using Visualforce and Apex code. 

Working with a certified consulting partner, such as Time Technology, is critical in ensuring that you arrive at an end solution that not only delivers to your short-term needs but will also be maintainable and capable of flexing to business change. 

For those starting out on their Salesforce journey, we offer a number of packages designed to enable businesses to adopt a Salesforce Cloud solution cost-effectively and in a timely fashion. 

Bespoke Solutions

The Salesforce platform presents significant opportunities to develop bespoke applications offering a whole new level of business value. Time Technology works hard to ensure that the solutions it develops deliver measurable benefit by: 

  • Leveraging the core features of the Salesforce Platform to provide the end-users with intuitive collaboration tools integrated into the solution. 

  • Supporting current business processes through the smart use of Salesforce automation to maximise process efficiency and effectiveness. 

  • Integrated Salesforce reporting and analytics to deliver real-time business intelligence and aid decision making.

Working with our customers has lead Time Technology to gain knowledge in some specific areas. We now offer specialised services and in some cases products based on the Salesforce platform, for Wealth Management, Management of Change and Non-Profit.


Where migration from a legacy platform is required, we review which parts of the existing application should be replicated and where it is better to leverage out of the box Salesforce capability. In addition, and in our opinion critical, we will ensure that the migrated solution supports current business processes, which are likely to have changed over time. Understanding the nature of the existing solution assists hugely in this analysis and as such we are particularly well placed to help customers migrate their mission-critical applications from IBM Notes/Domino. 

Management and Support

We can help support your Salesforce implementation to ensure you continue to get the very best out of the system. This can take a number of forms including proactive monitoring of system health, support desk, minor changes, etc. In addition, platform updates are applied by Salesforce automatically three times a year. If you have any customisations in your environment, then these must be checked to make sure that the upcoming update is not going to cause issues or indeed where these updates can be leveraged to provide improved functionality.  

Like all good outsourced service providers, we have the skills and resources to take this load away from our customers, so that they can focus on adding value to the business. 

Salesforce Core Features leveraged

Easily maintainable solutions

Business processes fully supported