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IBM Notes / Domino Services

Time Technology continues to provide outsourced services to customers that are still using the IBM Notes/Domino platform, including technical support, consultancy and managed services.

Consulting Services

Time Technology has been an IBM Notes/Domino business partner since the 1990’s. Whilst adoption of this technology has been reducing since 2010, we still support a considerable customer base that remains on the platform. As such, we continue to maintain our skillsets in this area so as to be able to service customers that are looking for high-quality technical services. Technical infrastructure is the backbone of IT delivery at an organisation, and customers need to be confident that changes are going to work the first time and without unplanned interruptions for the organisation.

Our IBM Notes/Domino Infrastructure consulting services are designed to provide a range of options for customers that satisfy some common needs within IT functions:

  • Resilience and reliability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Archiving

Service Desk

Our Service Desk team provide our customers with extensive support and management services of their IBM Notes/Domino infrastructure and where appropriate, their applications. At the heart of these services is our Managed Service offering, which enables organisations to outsource part or all of the management of their infrastructure. Exposure to these varied environments on a day to day basis and the maintenance of the skills required to professionally deliver the services means that this team is also perfectly placed to deliver additional technical consultancy and solution services to our customers.

Our Service Desk provides services contracted to response and resolution service levels. Our trained engineers use a tried and tested service desk product to deliver a world-class service to our customers keeping them informed at every stage.