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Time Technology’s June Newsletter

Summer is finally here and we are well overdue for getting a newsletter out. There is lots to talk about including new staff and Summer '22 Salesforce Updates.

1. Staff changes

We have welcomed two new members of staff into our growing non-profit Salesforce team. Mike Davey – a long-standing employee of Time Technology has moved over from a different department, and Niamh Rae has joined us in Glasgow. While Mike brings a wealth of experience in Business Analysis, Niamh joins with more than six years of non-profit Salesforce Administration experience. You can meet the core non-profit team here.

2. Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Day

June 13th was the Summer ’22 release day, where Salesforce releases updates to both its core products, and also its non-profit offerings. Highlights include improvements to the Email Builder (in which I am writing this newsletter), the introduction of Dynamic Related Lists (this is going to be really useful, but currently has too many limitations to make it practical to use), improvements to the Report Builder (see below), and new Experience Cloud functionality to simplify the building of a Donor Portal.

Salesforce has also announced native integration with Findock, which is now their favoured solution (in EMEA) for donor pages. I am still not convinced it is right for smaller charities, but we are actively monitoring this.

For more information on the updates, I recommend two short reads:

  • For Salesforce.Org’s official announcement of non-profit related updates click here.
  • For a slightly more technical audience, non-profit Salesforce guru Terry Cole’s release blog.

3. Salesforce Report Builder

Now when you create a new report, you can quickly see what other reports have been created using the same report type, reducing effort and duplication. In addition, you can see what fields will be available to you in the report, helping prevent wasted effort in creating reports that can’t show the required data. The image below shows the new side panel when creating a report:

4. FormAssembly Announcement

On the ever-important subject of donation pages – FormAssembly have told us that they are (finally) working on an SCA-compliant Stripe connector and that this should be ready during Q3. It is an understatement to say that the absence of this connector has caused us and some of our customers considerable problems and frustration. That said, FormAssembly is still our favoured form tool, so I am very much hoping we can go back to using it for donation pages that accept Stripe payments.

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