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Time Technology helps Edunova start their Salesforce journey with NPSP

Time Technology recently had the pleasure of working with Edunova, a non-profit focused in the Education sector in South Africa.

Edunova is a non-profit organisation that has been working in the Education Sector in South Africa since 2004. In a country where youth unemployment is over 26%, Edunova provides targeted IT education and investment, leading to greatly increased employment opportunities for students. Edunova promotes training and work placement initiatives in a bid to help address skills development, job creation and poverty alleviation.

In many non-profit organisations the energy and focus of their leaders is almost entirely directed towards the ‘mission’. While entirely understandable, this often limits the ability to leverage the benefits to be had from undertaking digital transformation on a platform such as Salesforce.

Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud-based customer relationship management solution, but it also so much more than that. Salesforce donates 10 free Salesforce licenses to all qualifying non-profits, allowing these often small, cash-strapped organisations, to benefit from enterprise class solutions, including Grant, Donor and Volunteer Management.  

John Thöle, Executive Director at Edunova, recognised the potential importance of these benefits and realised the time was right for Edunova to take that first step.  Time Technology helped guide John through what can initially seem like a daunting process. We worked together to identify the areas of the organisation that could benefit most from being moved on to Salesforce and then quickly produced a prototype environment, to allow John’s team to both learn and feedback into the design.

John said, “Time Technology invested a significant amount of time to understand our business needs and this has allowed us to make decisions quickly and with the confidence.”

Providing process efficiency gains and improved data visibility across the organisation, we feel confident that Salesforce will help Edunova grow, to the benefit of many more South African children. 

Time Technology remain committed to helping charities all over the world under our Pledge 1% membership which enables us to give some our time for free and the rest at a heavily discounted rate.

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