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The Medical Research Foundation – A Salesforce Success Story

Time Technology has been delighted to be involved in the reinvigoration of the Medical Research Foundation's Salesforce implementation. Part 1 of the story discusses the reconfiguration of Salesforce, with part 2 (next week) covering onboarding during the challenges of COVID-19.

In these challenging times, medical research has never been more important. The wellbeing of billions of people across the world depends on continual medical advances across all areas of health. This challenge needs immense support, innovation, and persistence. The Medical Research Foundation is the charitable foundation of the Medical Research Council. They aim to advance medical research, improve human health, and change people’s lives.

When Time Technology started working with the Medical Research Foundation in 2019, they had been using Salesforce for around 18 months. The original implementation had failed to take into account the charity’s unique requirements and, in reality, the system was being used as little more than a glorified address book. Data quality was poor and user adoption was low. The Medical Research Foundation was keen to learn how Salesforce could support the growth of the charity.

Time Technology undertook a thorough review of their Salesforce implementation and held workshops to better understand how the organisation operates and where improvements could be made to their CRM. We overhauled the structure of the data and made changes throughout their implementation, including Accounts, Contacts, Income (Opportunities), Campaigns, Dashboards, and more, to better support the way they work.  

Over a number of targeted ‘sprints’ Time Technology delivered a solution that is now fit for purpose, supporting the charity in meeting their stated success goals. Time Technology undertook this project as part of its Pledge 1% commitment, initially offering free consultation and then discounted delivery services.

Maria Claridge, Head of Operations & Governance, Medical Research Foundation said “We have been delighted by the support and advice we have received from Time Technology Ltd for this project. They are incredibly knowledgeable and are experts in their field. We looked at a number of suppliers in appointing them for our project, and we definitely made the right decision. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Next week we will follow-up on this story, by discussing the remote onboarding we undertook for MRF to help bring staff online during COVID19.

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