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Salesforce Winter ’19 Release

Our Salesforce lead Consultant, Greg Smith, picks out some of the key features in the latest Salesforce release, Winter '19.

Well, the latest Salesforce maintenance release is here and there are some pretty cool features which I’m going to summarize here today to save you reading through all of the 515 pages of the official Winter ’19 Release Notes document!

You can of course find all the release notes at Salesforce release notes.

Change your view with Display Density Settings

No more adjusting your browser zoom settings to claw back screen real-estate, you can now select between two new Lightning Experience display density settings. This is a user configurable item under the profile menu that gives the choice of “Comfy” or “Compact”. The Compact setting, which has labels to the left of fields and less space between page elements, fits 30% more fields on the page. This feature applies to Lightning Experience in Group, Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

NOTE: Density changes don’t apply to Communities or the Salesforce mobile app.

Find data by searching directly in List Views

Global search is an extremely powerful tool in Salesforce and we at Time Technology have been promoting it’s use for a long time now. So how could it get any better, well now you can search directly within your List Views.

This extra field allows you to refine the list view being displayed to a subset of records, like in-line filtering. You can use simple or complex search terms by separating each query with a comma. (i.e. Qualification, 15000) It will search against the entire List View so it’s great for sorting through activity records and comms between your clients or suppliers.

This change applies to Lightning Experience for Essential, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


Share List Views with your team

Collaborate with ease and share your own List Views with your team or a specific group so they can see what you see. Obviously record security and sharing rules still apply but if you’ve customised a List View, created a complex filter or just have a fab layout – share it!

It’s simple now, all you have to do to is click on “Sharing Settings” under the List View Controls menu. You will be prompted to choose who should see this list view and you select from the three options as below.

This change applies to Lightning Experience for Essential, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions.


Too Many Lightning Console TABS open

If like me you work in Lightning Console apps all day long, you can find you’ve got a fair number of Tabs and sub-tabs open. As much fun as it is to close them one at a time you can now use the Shift+w keyboard shortcut to close all your unpinned tabs at once. Little things…




Multi-select Picklist – Back to Classic Look & Feel

If you liked the old classic multi-select picklist field format then here’s some great news, it’s back! Love it or not the two selectable lists side by side are back. As you can see by the picture below everything becomes a bit squashed and the readable text per picklist option varies drastically from layout to layout and from browser to mobile.

Previously, selecting values on a multi-select picklist in Lightning Experience was a bit of a chore because old values were deselected. You had to inform / educate users on how to select multiple values without loosing the previous selection. The new design reverts back to the old style and retains old values in a second list visible on screen at the same time.

Now, we’ve reviewed this heavily internally and with some clients this would affect, and the consensus is that the new design will work better but will take some time to getting used to.

Yes, the text displayed has been reduced but if you hover over the option with the mouse you get a pop up giving the full option text.

This feature applies to Lightning Experience in all editions.

Greg Smith

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