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Key Takeaways from Dreamforce ’23 for Nonprofit Organisations

We share some of the key takeaways that we think you will want to keep top of mind in your work within the Nonprofit sector.

Every year in September, Salesforce hosts its biggest conference event, Dreamforce. Launched in 2003, each year thousands of attendees from across the globe attend this event in San Francisco. This year’s event took place between 12-14 September and featured over 1,500 different sessions. Many of these sessions can be streamed on Salesforce+ (Salesforce’s streaming platform which can be accessed via a browser on any device).

In this post, what we want to try and do is provide Nonprofit Organisations with some key takeaways from Dreamforce ’23. One thing to be aware of is that Salesforce often highlight things that aren’t available just yet. So, please bear this in mind when we talk about some of the items on this list. The items on this list have largely be taken from the different Keynotes that took place across the 3-day conference. Links for each of the relevant Keynotes are shared below.

1: Salesforce Platform Being Re-branded to Einstein1

The first highlight we want to cover relates to the core Salesforce Platform. It was announced at Dreamforce that this was going to be re-branded to Einstein1. Einstein1 is a reimagined Salesforce experience that will come with embedded AI functionality including Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder. AI functionality will be coming to the new Nonprofit Cloud in February ’24.

More information on Einstein1, Einstein Copilot, and Prompt Studio is available here.

2: Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licences

During the main keynote, it was announced that Salesforce would be launching free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses. This is a new package offering from Salesforce that will include two Tableau Creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles. This offering only applies to Orgs using Enterprise or Unlimited Editions of Salesforce, but most nonprofits have this as part of their license donation. If you are unsure which edition of Salesforce you are using, ask your Salesforce admin or get in touch and we can tell you.

More information on this announcement is available here. For more information on Data Cloud, click here.

3: Fundraising and Outcome Management Functionality Announced for the New Nonprofit Cloud

Earlier this year, Salesforce announced that they would be releasing the new Nonprofit Cloud. Nonprofit Cloud is being implemented in phases, with the first two waves including Programme Management, Case Management, and Grantmaking functionality. Next month (October ’23), Fundraising and Outcome Management will be coming to the new Nonprofit Cloud. These two additions will surely help those who have already transitioned to the new Nonprofit Cloud, along with those who are considering making the shift.

For more information on the new Nonprofit Cloud, click here.

4: More Focus on Delivering Improvements to the Platform Coming from the User Base

Finally on our list is an update that came out of ‘True to the Core’ (or TTTC for short). TTTC is a live forum held at Dreamforce and TrailblazerDX which allows Salesforce Professionals to pose difficult questions to the highest levels of Salesforce management. This forum in the past has led to things like the Custom Address Field, the Custom Error Message Component for Flow and the retirement roadmap for Workflow Rules and Process Builder. This session is often one of the real highlights for many in the Salesforce ecosystem. What was announced by Salesforce is that there are plans to provide greater transparency from the various product teams when it comes to functionality in development, as well as an investment into having dedicated teams working on fixing and improving core features. This update to the model around TTTC will hopefully lead to functionality that many in the ecosystem have been wanting for years finally coming to the platform and as a result benefitting End Users, Key Stakeholders and the Salesforce professionals who manage and maintain orgs.

Closing Comments

Hopefully, those four key takeaways prove helpful to you. Did you check out Dreamforce at all? If so, what did you find the most helpful to you in what you saw? If you feel we have missed something particularly relevant to our nonprofit customers, please do get in touch, so we can update our Blog.

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