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Fit Learning – A Community Cloud success story

Our development of a Community Cloud (now called Experience Cloud) based solution for Fit Learning Consulting is a case study in enabling growth while maintaining quality.

Fit Learning is a network of affiliated private learning laboratories whose vision is to transform the way education works on the planet. They bring scientific method to the educational process at the individual level and have developed their own unique educational methodology across a number of skill areas including Reading, Math and Logic. Each student enrolled in Fit Learning receives 1:1 instruction with a fully individualized curriculum. Outcome data shows that the model can result in a year, or more, of academic growth in about 40 hours of enrolled student time.   

Fit Learning Consulting (FLC) owns the education methodology IP and licenses this out to a network of Affiliates. This rapidly growing network currently has about 50 labs, predominantly located in the USA, but also in Canada, Australia and the UK. Many on-going applications to join the network are received each month, and these have to be managed through a robust vetting process.  

All stakeholders in FLC share a passion for the quality of the service provided by their Affiliates. As such they have created an extensive Quality Assurance (QA) program. This program measures and monitors lab performance in terms of both student growth, and performance of the front-line service delivery personnel. To accomplish this, data on every student is submitted and analysed. Additionally, every person who delivers the model undergoes a rigorous on-going certification process.   

It had become clear that an investment in technology was critical to enable scaling of the Affiliate network while maintaining quality at the desired levels. Spreadsheets were being used to capture and submit assessment data, manage processes and analyse outcomes, resulting in considerable manual effort, lengthy lead times, unnecessary redundancies, and data input errors. As the number of Affiliates grew, the leadership team recognized that the only thing that mattered, impeccable quality, was becoming increasingly difficult to identify.  

In September 2019, Time Technology proposed a Salesforce based solution utilising Customer Community Cloud to provide a Portal for the Affiliate network to centralize all critical operational, organizational, and service based functions across the entire Fit Learning network. The first Phase of the project was focused on three key areas: 

  • Provide Affiliate management capabilities at the back-end for FLC to manage Affiliates from application and take-on through to on-going management and control. 

  • Enable the Affiliates to run their Student Assessments directly on the Portal reducing their need for double entry and providing real time outcome dashboards for the Affiliates and FLC.   

  • Provide the QA team with coach auditing capabilities to run live audits in support of the on-going certification process critical to the maintaining service quality across the Affiliate network. 

The project was started late 2019 with the first Affiliates going live in June 2020. More than 3,500 Assessments are now in Salesforce from across the Affiliate network, resulting in sophisticated QA dashboards that are immediately available to the Affiliates and the FLC team. We are expecting the Certification and Audit capability to be rolled out before the end of the year.  

Initial feedback from both the Affiliates and FLC is extremely positive. Users are reporting that entering the outcome data directly into the Portal is more intuitive, efficient, and accurate. Furthermore, because of the increased ease and reliability of data and its instant accessibility, affiliates and stakeholders are reporting that they are able to spend more time in data analysis to identify potential quality issues.   

Nick Berens, who is the technology advocate at FLC, says “I cannot overstate the significance of the Salesforce Portal in our ability to manage and expand our Affiliate network. As the Affiliate network grows, our number one priority is to ensure that the exceptional quality of the service is consistently replicated and maintained. The Salesforce Portal is going to be critical in enabling us to do this, ultimately facilitating tens of thousands of kids across the planet having their lives changed through the Fit Learning MethodTM”. 

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