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Church State Council migrates from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

US based Non-Profit Organization works with Time Technology to achieve a successful adoption of Salesforce Lightning.

Church State Council (CSC) is a national non-profit organisation that is dedicated to promoting religious freedom for all people of all faiths. The Council also fights religious discrimination, bigotry and intolerance through education, legislative advocacy, and litigation.

CSC adopted Salesforce in 2012 when they took advantage of Salesforce’s offer to Non-Profits of 10 free licences. In 2018 CSC came to Time to help them migrate from Classic to Lightning. Not only did they need to ensure that their environment would continue to operate correctly in Lightning, but they also wanted to make a number of improvements to better support their activities. The move to Lightning opens up the opportunity for a much-enhanced user interface.  To leverage the environment properly default page layouts that get created and it is preferential to review the layouts for each object and customise accordingly.

As part of Time Technology’s commitment to the Pledge 1% initiative, we carried out the analysis of CSC’s Classic environment and went through the Lightning requirements gathering process for free. In addition, having identified the work needed, we gave CSC a significant discount on our daily rate to implement the changes and training required.

Peter Skeffington, our business lead in the USA, led our project team made up of US and UK based experts.

As a result of the project, CSC now has a full operational Salesforce Lightning environment which delivers a solid foundation for their business activities. The improvements that CSC now enjoy are:

  • A healthy Salesforce Org with key best practices applied and configured to optimise the Lightning experience.
  • Enhanced user experience from customised Lightning page layouts and key information charts and lists.
  • New functionality that better supports the business processes.
  • Data cleaned up and corrected to support the new environment.

In addition, Time Technology carried out multiple training sessions to ensure the customer understood their new environment and any new features that had been enabled including Chatter, Outlook integration, Activities and Reports. 

Dennis Seaton who led the project for CSC, Sacramento office, commented as follows – “Peter listened to what our needs were and then put together a project plan that fit those needs. The project was completed on time and on budget. Through testing to live use, our requests for help were answered in a very timely manner. We look forward to working again with Peter and the staff of Time Technology“.

We are excited to continue to work with Church State Council in support of our Pledge 1% commitment in order to ensure that they continue to get the very best out of their Salesforce environment.

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