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Time Technology become a panagenda partner for the ApplicationInsights product

Time Technology recognises that a prerequisite for the creation of an IBM Notes/Domino application migration strategy is a sound understanding of the existing application estate.

There are many tools on the market that can help with this, but most of them are aligned to specific platform endpoints. These can be very useful at later stages of a migration process, but ApplicationInsights can provide in-depth analytics that are invaluable at the early stages of the creation of a strategy for the complete removal of the applications from the IBM/Notes platform. It is for this reason that we have become a partner for this product and plan to work with panagenda to develop Salesforce specific components that can be of value later in the migration process.


When migrating and modernising your IBM Notes/Domino applications, ApplicationInsights is your key to strategy optimisation. By linking usage and application design information, you have a great foundation of knowledge for your strategy. With a perfect overview of the complexity of your entire application environment ApplicationInsights enables you to understand how many lines of code are relevant, which programming language is strongly represented, and how do complexity and dependencies affect your application strategy. The result is the opportunity to minimise operating costs and calculate risks and expenses in detail.

“panagenda are delighted to sign our first Salesforce solution provider to our ApplicationInsights partner program.”

Tony Holder Sales Manager North America & UK

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