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Time Technology and EscapeNotes partner to provide a joint service offering

Together we provide a complete application migration service to IBM Notes/Domino customers with a particular focus on the Salesforce Platform.

EscapeNotes, a 10+ year Notes migration specialist, has partnered with Time Technology in order to provide IBM Notes/Domino customers with a complete service for the migration of their applications. Target customers for the service are mid-sized and upwards who are still using IBM Notes/Domino for applications. Ideally, the customer will already have Salesforce in the organisation to some extent i.e. Sales or Service Cloud or are seriously considering investing in Salesforce.

Service Offering 

  1. In-depth IBM Notes/Domino application estate analysis to identify strategies designed to remove the platform completely. Both organisations have a massive pedigree in IBM Notes/Domino which enables us to arrive at a realistic, pragmatic and reliable plan to retire, archive, modernise, migrate or re-write in a cost-effective way.  
  2. Further detailed analysis of the ‘vital few’ applications with regards to the complexity and effort involved in migration/re-write in Salesforce. Understand the opportunity for elevation of the applications by leveraging core Salesforce capabilities i.e. Chatter, Files, Reports/Dashboards, as well as removing silos of data across applications. Using EscapeNotes tools we can estimate the effort without considerable upfront investment.
  3. Further detailed analysis of the remaining applications with regards to the complexity and effort involved in migration/archive to other platforms that EscapeNotes can deliver on.
  4. Time Technology will migrate/re-write the vital few applications in Salesforce, utilising EscapeNotes tools where possible to keep costs down, whilst EscapeNotes will migrate/archive the remaining estate to their own Warehouse offering or onto other standard platforms as needed.    

This partnership enables us to help customers achieve their ultimate goal which is to remove the IBM Notes client, whilst ensuring that they move their key applications to a modern platform that can support their strategy and application needs – Salesforce”  

Athena Perlmutter — VP of Business Development

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